We sailed on the motor tanker Fermland

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The idea with this website is to create a manifestation and a possible future reunion for those of us who worked and sailed on the Swedish motor tanker Fermland in her last years under Swedish operation. However it is (2010) 46 years ago and a lot has happened since then and much has been forgotten, but perhaps this site nevertheless can help us to remember.

Back then the crews were generally large and on the Fermland we were 39 persons covering 11 nationalities including a ship dog named Karlsson (who most probably was Italian). Many of us were also relatively young in 1964, born as we were in the late thirties or the forties.

The Fermland was owned and operated by the Ferm Steamship Co. (The Broström Group). She had a pretty good standard design at the time she was built and was among other things, fully air-conditioned in all living quarters. It was not a unique tanker however, with her size just over 15 800 tdw when delivered in December 1951, she was within the group of the biggest ships at that time. Fermland was on a 15 years time charter to British Petroleum in world-wide trades and only returned to Sweden a few times after the delivery from the Götaverken Shipbuilders in Gothenburg. She was sold in January 1965 and hence handed over to Wah Kwong & Co (Hong Kong) in Wilhelmshaven, West Germany and renamed Royal Venture. In 1980 she was sold again, this time to the North Korean government and renamed Sun Bong.  She was scrapped in China 1992.

Isn't it fantastic for a tanker reaching the age of 41?

We who worked on board experienced many pleasant moments, but also some serious break-downs and damages. If you wish, please scroll through the pages, although in Swedish, as the Bildspel (picture gallery) contains pictures from our time on board and is mainly self explanatory. If you also can identify any of the "nameless" persons in the pictures on the Vi som var ombord (We who were on board), we would be more than happy!

If you served on the Fermland and have not yet been contacted, we sincerely hope that you will establish contact with us.

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